We’ll constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. We’ll deliver operational excellence in every corner of the company and meet our commitments. All our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values for the sake of the patient’s health.


Medizen Pharmaceutical Industries is a fast growing branded generic pharmaceutical company that started its production in 2007.


We took the mission of leading niche therapy area like neuropsychiatry, cardiology, vascular surgery, orthopedics,


Medizen is committed to manufacturing quality pharmaceutical products for prescription and OTC applications.

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Company Overview

Medizen company is an integrated industrial factory for the production of branded generic pharmaceutical forms as Tablets , Powders & Sachets , Syrup, Suspension, Semi-Solids , Hard Gelatin as well as Soft Gelatin capsules.

The company’s activity : The company started its activities in June 2007 for the production of Human and cosmetics products.
Ownership: Fully acquired by Mega Misr ( S.A.E) in September 2010.

Medizen’s machinery and Professional team work allows the production of more than 10 million units per year, Medizen manufactures 66 products and more than 50 products for 36 Toll companies (For example: Pharmed, Liptis, Pharo Pharm, Al Andalous, AL Esraa, Magic Pharma, Trend Pharma, Royal Group, Napha, Pharma Star, ……).

Medizen exports to Yemen , South Sudan , Azerbaijan , Lebanon and Palestine.


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